The capital of the  United Kingdom and England

Image of London eye
London eye

The upcoming travellers to the Heathrows airport will have the possibility London the capital of the United Kingdom and England, one of the greatest cities in Europe. London represents the third stock-exchange plaza to the world, after New York and Tokyo and one of the principal cities that influence the rest of the world in fact of culture, communication, politics, economy and art.


Cultural city

Among the monuments to be visited we remember, the Building of Westminster, known also as the House of the Parliament, it is the place where the two Chambers of the Parliament of the United Kingdom they conduct their sessions. The building is found on the bank north of the river Tamigi.

Image of London bridge
London bridge

Annexed the Big Ben to Westminster, with the famous clock that marks the time in London since halves the eight hundred. The abbey of Westminster, a church of predominant Gothic style, traditional center of the crownings and burial of the British monarches. Buckingham Palace the London residence of the royal family, the Building has 600 rooms and 16 hectares of park with the apartments of state, the real offices, a cinema, a swimming pool and the rooms, private of the Regina revolts toward Green Park.


Image of Big ben
Big ben

Tower Bridge, the famous and characteristic bridge, in degree to open for allowing the passage of the great ships, it is found in the oriental part of the city and it entertains to his/her inside the Tower Bridge Museum. Kensington Palace the residence of job for the royal family. Built in the XVII century and restructured in a timid neoclassic style with the collaboration of William Kent, the building is at sight in bricks, with 4 floors and long rectangular windows.

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